AMP-IT-UP 8th Grade Marine Snow Challenge


Module Summary: AMP-IT-UP - Ocean Blizzard

Students engage as environmental engineers to develop a procedure to determine how the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill landed at the bottom of the ocean. The module covers some basic concepts of density and the factors that affect the movement of particles in fluids.

For Teachers:

Annotated Teacher Edition - The teacher edition of the Whale Challenge curriculum that has been annotated with notes and tips for teachers.
Prep Guide - Instructions on how to implement the module. Includes information about the standards that the module addresses and how to incorporate the 5E learning model.
Materials List - List of all materials that are needed for the module. List includes the cost and vendors of the materials.
Supply Check List - Spreadsheet used to check that all materials needed for the module are present.

For Students:

Student Edition - The module curriculum booklet for students.
Student Pages Packet - The worksheets that students will need to complete the module.


  1. Video - ECOGIG Marine Snow - A video Dr. Passow of the ECOGIG team exploring the effects of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill on marine snow.

Complete Set of Module Files:

Download a complete package of the module here