AMP-IT-UP 6th Grade Lava Challenge


Module Summary: AMP-IT-UP - Molten Madness

Students engage as earth scientists to develop a procedure for measuring lava flow to help a town adjacent to a volcano develop evacuation plans in the event of an eruption. The module covers some basic concepts regarding volcanoes, lava, and igneous rock formation.

For Teachers:

Annotated Teacher Edition - The teacher edition of the Molten Madness curriculum that has been annotated with notes and tips for teachers.
Prep Guide - Instructions on how to implement the module. Includes information about the standards that the module addresses and how to incorporate the 5E learning model.
Materials List - List of all materials that are needed for the module. List includes the cost and vendors of the materials.
Supply Check List - Spreadsheet used to check that all materials needed for the module are present.

For Students:

Student Edition - The module curriculum booklet for students.
Student Pages Packet - The worksheets that students will need to complete the module.


  1. Video - CNN Lava - A CNN video that shows a lava flow headed for the small town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Complete Set of Module Files:

Download a complete package of the module here


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