AMP-IT-UP 8th Helmet Challenge


Module Summary: AMP-IT-UP - Riding the Concrete Wave (Part I)

Students engage as crash-test scientists for the SkateTech company to test helmets for skateboarders. The module covers some basic concepts regarding energy, energy transfer, linear and non-linear graphs and brain injuries in sports.

For Teachers:

Annotated Teacher Edition - The teacher edition of the Hot Shot Challenge curriculum that has been annotated with notes and tips for teachers.
Prep Guide - Instructions on how to implement the module. Includes information about the standards that the module addresses and how to incorporate the 5E learning model.
Materials List - List of all materials that are needed for the module. List includes the cost and vendors of the materials.
Section 4 Answer Key - Answer key for section 4.
Section 4 Transparency - Transparency pdf for section 4.
Student Pages Answer Key - Answer key for student pages.

For Students:

Student Edition - The module curriculum booklet for students.
Student Pages Packet - The worksheets that students will need to complete the module.
SP P5 Summary Page - Summary of the linear and non-linear relationships that create the need for helmets.


  1. Video - Alana and Shaun - A video of professional skaters Alana Smith and Shaun White skateboarding at a skate park.
  2. Video - Skater Mishaps - A video of skateboarding mishaps.
  3. Video - Energy Transfer Examples - A video about energy being transferred from one object to another.
  4. Video - How Helmets Work - A video explaining how helmets protect your head.
  5. Video - Skating Without Helmet - A video that shows the real danger of not wearing a helmet.

Complete Set of Module Files:

Download a complete package of the module here


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